Belden Plastics, Inc., has been in the growing business since 1916 and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers with American made, injection molded plastic pots for many generations to come.



Prior to injection molded clay pots and wooden flats were the standard growing containers used by most greenhouse and vegetable growers.  Unfortunately, clay pots were heavy and fragile. Dunbar Lockwood in Leominster, Massachusetts, came up with a solution to this problem by producing the injection molded plastic flower pot .

Demand for plastic flower pots became so rampant that manufacturing capacity could not keep pace with the market.  

In 1965, the solution became Belden Plastics, Inc.   John R. Johnson, Sr. states, “The first machine was an education in manufacturing and investing, it wasn’t until we had the sixth machine on the floor that we began to make money on our investment in the industry.”  With the molds we were making, we felt we were innovating and have continued to invest with fresh ideas for the industry.


Belden Plastics Inc. will always be a grower and retailer first. We continue to build into our designs a piece of our history to help educate our growers that we are the best choice when purchasing injection molding plastic pots over competitors.


Our innovative designs help growers / Independent Garden Centers differentiate our brand by giving the injection molding pots a unique look, higher quality plants and a better consumer experience.

  • Larger capacity (relative to comparable product lines) for greater soil volume
    • More soil means bigger roots and larger, stronger performing plants
    • Pots hold more water with less frequency to water
    • Longer shelf life (less shrinkage) and greater consumer growing success
  • Substantial weight and strength – reinforced, easy-to-grip rims
  • Proper drainage for healthier roots and plants
  • Tag lock system ensures ease of use for the consumer to identify and care for their plants
  • 100 % post industrial recycled raw material!*

 *The Belden Hanging Garden are the only containers in our product line that is not 100%  comprised of post industrial recycled raw material.