Proudly supporting American-grown for over 95 years!

Belden Plastics Inc. is an American company located in the upper midwest. Our heritage dates back to 1899 when Great Grandma Johnson first came to America from Sweden. While she spoke very little English she was able to secure a job as cook for automobile pioneer  Henry Ford at the Henry Ford Estate, Fair Lane in Dearborn, Michigan. .  She gained recognition as an excellent cook and was able to secure a job in Minnesota as a cook for the famous Cargill family in 1903. It was here at the Cargill home where she met her future husband  Great Grandpa Johnson.  They married, had a family and started their own growing operation in 1915; a flourishing business that remains today and with several companies, of which Belden Plastics, Inc. proud to be a part of this family. 


Why buying American is important to us

As a family owned business for three  generations we are committed to our ‘American Values’ and  strive  to remember you, our neighbors, in everything we produce.  For over 25 years Belden Plastics, Inc. , has  taken into consideration the impact we have on the environment and have ensured that the vendors we partner with and the products we produce adhere to our strict recyclable guidelines utilizing only American-made raw materials. .


Belden Plastics can say ‘Made in America’ with confidence


We stand by our mission as we  have collected and require written certification from all of our suppliers that the raw materials used are  recycled material from post industrial, ‘American Made,’products.  All of our pots have been made with 100% recycled raw materials and are PP5 Recyclable.  The one exception to this is the Hanging Garden, which  is made with a blend of recycled and virgin material. 

We do not buy our raw materials from companies outside of our American borders; it is imperative that our products are not harmful to the earth and our customers, ensuring there are no harmful contaminants in our finished good. We do our part by keeping you safe and supporting our planet.